2014: The Year of the Stripper, Will It End Here?

It seems like everywhere I looked this year, there were half-naked ( if not fully naked women) hanging off of a pole. In music videos, movies, the Instagram popular page, just all over the place. Now, I don’t knock what these women do, that’s their business but I can’t help but question, when did becoming a stripper become more appealing? Is it because it’s glamourized by music videos and Love & Hip-Hop? What happened to the young women that aspired to be lawyers, nurses, entrepreneurs, physicians, market analysts, etc.? Is aspiring to become a stripper the “it” thing to do?


I do think that women should do whatever they please in order to take care of themselves and their families. When I was growing up, a woman saw stripping or “dancing” as a last resort to pay bills, school loans, rent and buy Christmas presents for their children. It wasn’t a lifestyle, it was a job. But I worry about how much this part of nightlife is glamourized in front of the eyes of extremely-impressionable young girls in our society.  From Rihanna in “Pour It Up”to Instagram images of fake asses and money spreads on the floor, I’m just wondering, what’s next for 2015?



Images: Pinterest|We Heart It


2 thoughts on “2014: The Year of the Stripper, Will It End Here?”

  1. I think some people just feel that it’s “easier” in some aspect than working a 9-5, although I don’t see how taking off ones clothes for strange men could be easy. I also think the money plays a big part. I often joke about getting a third job as a stripper but God knows I couldn’t. Not knocking anyone’s hustle. Hopefully I’ll never have to resort to that.

    1. Maybe you’re right. But even if it does seem easier, stripping has become more than a means to an end but now its a glamorous lifestyle that leads to dating rappers and being seen as a goddess. I think all women are goddesses in their own way but not just for having big, fake butts and using their acrobatic skills. What about glamorizing law school, medical school or being a small business owner, you know. When I was in college, I thought about dancing all the time but hey, I knew I could do better and I didn’t want the easy way out. If it’s too easy then you have to wary of it…nothing in life worth having, comes easy.

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