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Yeah, I Said It: What About Mommy?


I still consider myself to be a new mom. I don’t share the belief that once your child hits a year old, you’re home free. NOT! I believe the complete opposite, raising children is a lifetime task that you learn from every day, though things do get a bit easier at times. So with that said, and with all these challenges that parents may have ahead of them, I ask: What about Mommy?

You know, that person that spends more time cleaning up cookie messes, dealing with tantrums and can’t even get 10 minutes in the bathroom..alone.

In my experience, at the very beginning of your child’s life people will come to you offering you help and filling your head with these dreams of them whisking your child away just for one day so you can have some “time for yourself” and some people fulfill these dreams and you’re grateful, I was. But…oh yes, the infamous “but”…those offers to help and give you an hour (or a day) of peace come but they become less genuine. There’s always these lines, ” Oh, I want to come pick up (child’s name) on Thursday and take him/her out so you can rest.” Thursday comes and no call. Or they say, “When he/she can walk/talk, then I will pick them up”, like really? Really? What is that?

Personally, I seize any opportunity I can get when my son is being picked up and whisked away. I get to breathe. I love him but being a mom is hard and a non-stop job. We need breaks. We do need time off. We do need a mani/pedi/facial day. We do need and crave peace & quiet sometimes. Sometimes, we even need people to say, “I know (child’s name) is doing great, but how are YOU?” with all the sincerity in the world.

Sincerity, niceness and concern go a long way with mommies. Do you know how much it would mean to a mother if you asked her about herself or offered to give her a mini-break just for her benefit? Its not selfish for moms to crave alone time, its natural. So to all moms out there that need a little pick me up…I understand and I encourage you to stay strong because no one else can do what we do.  To all godparents, aunties, uncles, grandparents and every one in between, take the time to ask any mom you know: How are YOU?

Peace & Pieces<3

5 Stay-Sane Tips for Mommies


1. Wake up before everyone else does.

We have a full house since my guys and I live with family for now. So I prefer to wake up at 6 to get things done (laundry, exercise, homework, shower, etc.). Waking up early gives you a head start and also gives you that much needed opportunity to have a moment alone, before the chaos ensues.

2. Embrace the to-do list.

I’ve always made lists, I got that from my mom and I’m glad I did. Having a to-do list keeps you focused and organized. Checking things off here & there leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment and a little triumph too.

3. Spread the responsibility.

Ladies, I know we can do a lot. Like text message, cook and burp a baby all at once. We’re awesome. But sometimes we need help, give your significant other a task or two to do. If there’s no partner in the picture, then ask a family member or a best friend. After all, what are best friends for?

4. Pack the bag the night before.

Even if you have no plans of leaving the house the next day, keep your little one’s bag ready and prepared at all times. Pack it up the night before and sit it by the front door. It saves time while rushing to get out of the house the next day. Just grab it and go.

5. Maximize nap time.

If your child is still taking naps, then take advantage of that. I’ve said this before. Use some of the nap time to answer some emails, make some calls, finish an assignment or anything. Then, use the rest of the time to watch your favorite show or close your eyes for a sec.

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Beauty Buzz: Caring for My Toddler’s Natural Hair

As my son has gotten older and his hair has grown so much more obviously, I figured that I should start a hair regimen for his hair as I did for mine. But when I went to Google and start browsing through mommy blogs, I couldn’t really find any detailed info on how to care for a little boy’s hair. After I finally put some pieces together and got a solid regimen for him, I thought to myself, “Why not share it? There might be another parent out there that may have the same question you had.” So this is how I care and treat my son’s naturally curly hair:


  • Shampoo 1x weekly (Wednesday)
  • Use hair moisturizer nightly after bath time
  • Lightly dry hair or let air dry
  • Gently detangle nightly with fingers


All these items can be found at your local beauty store or at Target.

His hair takes to these products very well and they don’t suffocate his hair & scalp, which was my concern plus they don’t irritate him.  We only use the Knot Today on wash days since his hair seems to be the most tangled and thirsty by mid-week.  After bath time, he always smells so yummy from the coconut & hibiscus. Nothing like a good-smelling baby, even though he already smells so good anyway. There’s something about that baby smell.

Since we’ve been staying consistent, his hair looked and felt super healthy. Moms, don’t be afraid to reach outside of the Johnson & Johnson products. Haha.

Peace & Pieces! Tinka, Xxo

How do you keep up with your little one’s hair?