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Living in NYC: A Day at the Farmer’s Market x Union Square


I’m a modern girl but I can appreciate many things outside of modernity. In a society where we can order our groceries (guilty!), every now and then it feels nice to visit a farmer’s market and be among people.


This past Wednesday, my guy and I trolled down to Union Square (with toddler in tow) and saw what the Greenmarket had to offer. It was a gorgeous day and it seems that mid-week is the best time to visit the market since most of the farmers/vendors are there. I hadn’t been to a farmer’s market since I was pregnant with my Little HIM so I was super excited.

photo 2 (1)market9 copy

 It was a total win for us: good weather, fresh air, and organic goodies like honey, spinach ravioli, fruit and whatnot. Next time I have to get there earlier so I can nab a few bags of spinach linguine.


 If you plan on heading out to a NYC Farmer’s Market, here’s a few Tinka Tips:

1. Have cash on hand. This is a common sense kind of thing. Some vendors may have iPhone/iPad card swipers, but take cash just in case. Don’t assume.

2. Most likely you’re going on a nice, sunny day, so…WEAR SUNSCREEN.

3. Take your own bag(s).

4. If you’re not sure of something you see, just ask. They are more than willing to help.

5. Try the samples. You don’t want buyer’s remorse. Plus, they’re free.

Have fun and stock up!

Peace & Pieces<3


Mommy & Me: 5 Ways to Make NYC Travel Easier

photo (1)

1. Use a backpack instead.

Instead of opting for the cute, trendy baby bag you received at your baby shower, try a backpack instead. Don’t go for a frumpy one, get a cool, stylish one from Target or Urban Outfitters. The one I used for a while was distressed denim, loved it! Trust me, it helps. I don’t care for backpacks much but when toting a baby and/or a stroller around, it makes life much easier to have a bag on your back rather than on one tired shoulder. Just don’t pack it too heavy or that would defeat the whole purpose.

2. Ask a friend.

If you can, ask a friend or a family member to join you & your little one on your day out. This way, you can focus on your little one and they can help you tote your luggage (stroller, baby bag, shopping bags, etc.) while switching trains or buses. That’s what godparents are for, duh! (Lol, just kidding)

3. Swap the stroller for a carrier.

If your child’s weight permits, try a carrier. Some parents go for front carriers, while other like to put the little ones behind them. I like to use the Moby Wrap, its comfortable and breathable, for both mommy & little person.

4. Pay attention to the time.

Be mindful of the times when you travel. Unless you’re trying to make a specific appointment or engagement, travel outside of rush hour times. Avoid the MTA at all costs between 630am-900am and 400pm-700pm. To avoid aggravation & crowdedness, stay off trains & buses between those times. Also, if its easier for you to get around while your child is asleep then take advantage of their nap times, it will bliss the entire trip.

5. Choose your car wisely.

This is not in reference to an automobile. Choose to sit at the very front or the very back of the train if you can. My husband and I like to stick to the back of the train because most people crowd the middle of the platforms, it usually works out for us. The first two and the last two cars are usually the emptiest, take advantage of the space.

How do you get around with your little one? What are some of your tips & tricks?

Peace & Pieces ❤

Living in NYC: Mommy’s Night Out x Beauty & Essex

photo 1 (1)

Every mom needs a night (or two, maybe three) out and this time this mommy wanted to try something different but as soon as I walked into Beauty & Essex, I fell in love. From the light fixtures to the grand staircase and of course, the delicious food. My fabulous friend and fellow mommy, AJ, went out with me and we had a blast both times we went.

Beauty Elixir: Must-Have Drink. Enough Said.
Ginger Ribs pictured with the Tomato Soup Dumplings.

Beauty & Essex is now one of my new favorite places to hang out & have a Pink Panther or a Ruby Mojito. The scene is stylish, the music is amazing and the food is delicious. Grab a friend and head down to Essex Street.

Smores Tart & the Box of Doughnuts. Yumm…So dreamy.

essex2Beauty & Essex is located at 146 Essex Street on the Lower East Side. Oh, and don’t forget to visit the powder room, they serve booze. Amazing, right? Lol.

Peace & Pieces<3