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Golden Girls: 10 Shine Bright Gifts for Your Girlfriends (Under $50)

 It’s holiday season!
Christmas & New Year’s are just around the corner and you’ve gotten gifts from everyone from the kids, your boo and even your boss. But don’t forget your ladies…
Here’s a list of golden fabulousness that will suit every kind of girlfriend you have (and your wallet). From the glamorous girls to the fit girls and even the girlfriend that lives for #manimonday, there’s something for everyone.
Everybody Needs A Little Sparkle..

20 Ways To Save Your Skin (In Your 20s)

1. Hands OFF. Stop picking, poking and prodding. Leave your skin in peace and avoid redness, scars and spreading bacteria altogether.

2. Drink up. Water is your best friend. Trust me, when you don’t drink enough water, your skin suffers. Don’t believe me? Just try it and you’ll hate yourself immediately. Caution: Avoid mirrors.

3.  Eat some fish. Salmon is a goodie, full of Omega-3 fatty acids, which make skin glow (in a sexy way, not a greasy way).

4. Change your washcloth. This is personal preference. I normally use my hands to cleanse my face. However, I’ve been using white warm cloths and I change my facial cloth between every night or 2nd night. Laundry? Yes. Worth it? Yes.

5. Keep those paws clean. If you must touch your face, then at least keep those hands clean. Soap and water never fails. If you take public transportation like us New York ladies, try stylish gloves to keep hands protected and clean.

6.  The cleaner, the better. When did you ever benefit from having a dirty face? Wash your face, girl. Every. Single. Night. Do not go to bed with that makeup on.

7. SPF 30 or higher. Need I say more?

8. Invest in a good eye cream. It’ll reduce how much under-eye concealer you need. Need a budget buy? I double duty and use Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser as my under the eye cream, works well and its inexpensive at 8 bucks for 9 ounces.

9. Be gentle. Don’t rub so hard or abuse your exfoliators, whether it be a Konjac sponge, washcloth, scrubs or even your hands. Be easy. if you have to rub so hard that you nearly rub skin raw, then you need a new strategy.

10. Get your beauty sleep. At least 7-8 hours. Anything less shows.

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11. Wash your bedding. I think a lot of people overlook this part. You have to wash and alternate your bedding. Otherwise, you’re just collecting all types of grossness.

12. Take A Closer Look At Your Hair Products. I learned this recently, being a newbie natural. Some of the products women use in their hair can irritate the skin or clog the pores. This wreaks havoc on our faces. No bueno.

13. Exercise. You already know.

14. Stop Worrying. Just relax, stop frowning and stop stressing so much. Stress isn’t great for the skin, causing breakouts, irritation and flare-ups.

15. Toss Old Makeup. Makeup has a shelf-life, stop trying to hold on, let it go, buy another one. Google: Makeup shelf-life. Surprise yourself & gross yourself out all at the same time.

16. Easy on the alcohol, cigarettes…weed, too. I don’t need to elaborate on this. While these things may make us feel great in the meantime, they don’t produce the same results for our skin.

17. Try a hot cloth. Not scalding, but a comfortable warmth. After applying cleanser, remove your cleanser with the warm cloth and feel the difference in your skin. It’s delicious. After a week, I was hooked.

18. Go Natural. If you can, try skincare product lines that use less chemicals and opt for natural, soothing ingredients.

19. Seasonal skincare. I change my skincare routine with the seasons. Most of the time, you’ll realize that your skin has different needs from time to time.

20. Smile. A smile makes for a happier woman, with happier skin. A smile looks good on you, girl.

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Images: We Heart It| Alice in Nappyland

Makeup Made in Heaven: Miley Cyrus x Viva Glam


Lately, we’ve all known Miss Miley to be the tongue-licking, hot-dog humping, and self-proclaimed twerker and though she may have rubbed some the wrong way with her new raunchy ways, we’ve gotta admit that she has our attention. It seems that Miss Miley has found time away from her Bangerz tour and those teeny-tiny, high cut bodysuits and has been busy on the beauty front. I refuse to complain. I love Miley and her craziness, she’s fun and I will not fault her for that. I’m definitely excited to see her collaboration with MAC VIVA GLAM, an effort in which all the selling proceeds help men, women & children living with HIV/AIDS through the MAC AIDS Fund


She looks fabulous in the ad and the pink theme is gorgeous, if I may say so myself. The two products consist of a bright matte pink lipstick and a matching shiny, lively lipglass. I’m more of red lip girl but I’d take a peek. The Miley x VIVA GLAM collection hits stores January 2015, so be on the lookout and jot it down if you must.

Do your thing, Miley.



Images: US Magazine|Bandt|WeHeartIt