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How to Make Everyone Happy: Pajama Day



Sometimes the best thing to do is absolutely nothing at all, there’s nothing wrong with a lazy day here and there-nothing but pajamas, movies, favorite foods and lots of quality time. Whether you’re a single gal or you have a little entourage at home, pajama day is for everyone.

I’m a get-up-and-go kind of girl, I love to go out and seize the day; indulge my Starbucks addiction, do a little window-shopping or running errands or maybe just people watching in Washington Square Park. But there are some days when staying home all day in my pajamas with my guys makes me feel just as happy and alive. Plus, my husband loves to just veg out on weekends so he’s even happier when I stay home too. When my guys are happy, I’m happy.


Plan Ahead

Sometimes it works out better to plan out your lazy day, so you won’t have to make or break any outside commitments, but also so you can get other things done. Run errands another day. Let your girlfriends know you won’t be at brunch. Let your significant other know. Get your leftover work done. Whatever you need to do in order to have a relaxed day & soothing night.

Food is King

Make a mad dash to the store to get goodies for you & your family. Food makes everyone happy. I don’t know about you but on lazy, pajama days-I do NOT cook. We order in and that’s that. So get the menus out or log-in to Seamless; just make sure there’s food around or no one’s happy.

Movie Maven

Let everyone pick a movie and just sit back & enjoy. For me and my husband, we have no problem watching Planes for the fifth time. But when the little guy is with his grandparents for the weekend, we watch what we want.

Split Up

Just because everyone is home all day it doesn’t mean that you have to spend every waking minute together. Split up. Go online shopping or give yourself a DIY mani-pedi, while the little one plays on the iPad and your boo watches the football game.

Anything Goes

It’s a lazy day, no sense in trying to create the perfect day. Play board games. Blog on Tumblr. Drink tea. Cuddle on the couch. Play Hide & Seek. Watch Disney all day. Binge on the Kardashians or those tacky, crazy housewives. Take a family nap. Do whatever you guys want, just remember to relax.

So have a good time at home, doing absolutely nothing or everything you want to do..just enjoy yourself and watch your family relax in happiness.


Happy Pajama Day!

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Images: WeHeartIt|MelissaCreates