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Toddler Tools: Making Bedtime A Happier Time


As most parents know, kids are full of energy and many children disdain the words, “bedtime” and “sleep”. While some toddlers are probably easygoing and laidback, my toddler happens to be a part of the other crowd-energetic, wild & busy. There are some nights when bedtime doesn’t equate to crying fits and jumping in & out of his bed every chance he gets but this is usually the norm. More recently,we’ve decided to do our homework and try some new techniques to make bedtime=happy time.

1. Keep Calm

Start the process of winding down your little, busy one at least an 1-2 hours before bedtime. For us, that includes no iPad,  dim lights and no cartoons (Yes, even Frozen).

2.  Water Works

Our son loves bath time, it’s as if he was a fish or merman in another life. Bath time helps to tire him out a little more because he has such a great time, and some nights bath time brings on a calmness in him that I don’t see the other hours of the day. Every child is different though, if bath time makes your little one hyper then it may not be such a great idea.

3. Pajama Walks

This is a new thing (for me)  I read over at Parents.com and I think its a great idea. I love going for walks and my little guy loves going outside, it seems to put us at ease. Prepare the little one for bed-freshly washed, teeth brushed and pajamas on then toss on shoes & jacket (Hello, Fall!) then take some steps around the neighborhood. See more about Pajama Walks at the link below:

Pajama Walks Before Bedtime

How To Spend More Quality Time With Your Child

Getting your child to sleep peacefully can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. All that matters is having a happy toddler in the morning, because all parents know: Happy Baby, Happy Mommy!

What techniques and routines do you have to help your toddler get to sleep? Please share! curlykidPeace & Pieces<3

Images: Chic With Kinks|Pinterest