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Golden Girls: 10 Shine Bright Gifts for Your Girlfriends (Under $50)

 It’s holiday season!
Christmas & New Year’s are just around the corner and you’ve gotten gifts from everyone from the kids, your boo and even your boss. But don’t forget your ladies…
Here’s a list of golden fabulousness that will suit every kind of girlfriend you have (and your wallet). From the glamorous girls to the fit girls and even the girlfriend that lives for #manimonday, there’s something for everyone.
Everybody Needs A Little Sparkle..

The Importance of Doing Absolutely Nothing

Most of us lead busy, scheduled and task-filled lives; whether we’re juggling work, kids, relationships, besties and so on. But the majority of women do not know how to relax. I just learned what that actually meant this year and I’m glad that I did. In the States, our idea of relaxation is going out to get hammered and waking up with a mean hangover and dehydrated, dull skin. Yuck. That is not relaxing, it can be fun, but not peaceful and relaxing. Sometimes its totally okay to do next to nothing and unplug from the world & reboot. It’s actually really important that we do from time to time.

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How do you do nothing? Easy.

Set the airplane mode on your phone. Make some tea. Read a book, not on a Nook or iPad, or even a magazine. Spend the day in your pajamas. Find a recipe & throw down in the kitchen. Have sex. Have a low-key Girl’s Night. Build a pillow fort with your kids. Start learning a new language. Write down some personal goals. Take a nap with your boo. Play dress-up in your closet. Watch your favorite movies all day. Play Solitaire. Take a bubble bath. Re-arrange your furniture. Treat yourself to a DIY mani-pedi-facial. Eat chocolate.

There are several ways to detox & take a break from the world.

Embrace it, because your well-being is worth it <3.

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5 Musts Every Stay-At-Home Mom Should Do When Returning to the Workforce

Sometimes getting back into the workforce can be a bit intimidating, it is a tad bit for me (I’ve been a SAHM for 2 years now). But it can also be exciting. However, sometimes it helps to focus on a few things in order to help through the journey. Here are some tips I’ve compiled from my recent experience:

1. Revamp that resumé.

If you’re line of work for the past few years or so has been composed of sippy cups, pumping milk, screaming  and busy toddlers the chances are, you have NOT updated your resumé in some time, my friend.  Go ahead and look around online to see what employers are looking for these days, make a few changes and you’re good to go.

2. Make some decisions.

Think about what your motivation is: the little one, financial aspect, yourself? Determine what type of jobs you’re seeking and what best suits you & your skill set. Full-time or part-time? Temporary, contract, seasonal or permanent? How far are you willing to commute? Babysitter or daycare? Preferred salary? Casual, creative work environment or straight-laced corporate atmosphere? Staffing agency or online job posts? It’s important to make these decisions some time throughout your job search so you won’t become overwhelmed.


3. Interview test runs.

You don’t want to go into an interview completely unprepared. Recruit a friend on her day off or Saturday afternoon and run through some mock interviews. Fail to plan, plan to fail. You’ll feel a lot better, girl.

4. Do your research.

This is a personal preference of mine, but since I’ve been on the job hunt, I’ve been researching all the companies that have contacted me, just to be sure that they are who they say they are. You don’t want to be caught up in a dead-end scam. You can also use the power of Google to research a company that you have an upcoming interview with so you won’t go into an interview completely blind.

5. Spread the word.

Let people know that you’re on the hunt.You never know who knows who, maybe someone has a contact or a friend’s company has some openings. Sometimes family & friends are our best kept resources.

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Check out the following sites for more advice on re-entering the workforce:

Modern Mom, 11 Tips For Stay-At-Home Moms Who Want To Go Back To Work

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Good Luck out there ladies! ❤

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